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Visiting Big Island? Reset, regenerate and restore
Schedule on-line your Quantum Alignment Bodywork session TODAY

Quantum Alignment Bodywork Healing Sessions
Big Island Kona, Quantum Alignment Bodywork

Transform and Reorganize your life with my various bodywork services

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I felt validated, elated, enlightened, curious, hopeful and relieved from the session.  I physically and emotionally felt "cleared" of some "stuff" I had no idea I kept within me. I so look forward to experiencing and learning much more. K.D., Oahu, Hawaii

Gemini Awakening big Island Hawaii

Quantum Alignment Bodywork
with Joseph Mina

Hawaii Health and Wellness VacationA Deeply profound, life-changing healing experience.

  • Rapidly dissipate body tension and stress
  • Experience greater ease in your body
  • Experience inner peacefulness
  • Enhance your body's natural healing ability
  • Connect to your inner place of grace and ease

45 minutes $175/ children 20 minutes $80

"The bodywork I received with Joseph was an awesome experience in releasing tensions and patterns locked in my body. I feel like I've taken off some kind of blinders.  My daily life feels more honest to my choosing, less reactionary and my perceptions enhanced. This is important work in our evolvement here on this planet. The energy that is available for us to tap into is so amazing, we just need to reevaluate our path as to where and what we are choosing to experience." CG, Waimea HI

Quantum Alignment Bodywork & Astrology with Joseph

This body and mind healing session integrates the dynamics of your natal chart with energy healing bodywork. An excellent way to deepen and expand your body connection to your natal chart.

  • Astrological overview of your natal chart including current cycles (recorded)
  • Clear tension from the nervous system
  • Integrate the astrological review on a cellular level

75 minutes $249 (55 minutes astrology/20 minutes bodywork)

It is amazing how open I feel, My body is out of pain for the first time in over a year.  I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. It's continuing to unfold beautifully. Lots of memories coming without emotional drama attached. MP, Holualoa, HI

Quantum Spinal Alignment (on Big Island, only)

Integrative and balancing

  • Quickly release spinal stress, creating ease and deeper breathing
  • Helps the body to develop new strategies for clearing tension patterns
  • Light touch, low force contacts

I’m feeling focused, re-energized, strong and supportive. It’s different from my past feelings. This experience has been great, my head seems less cluttered; it feels different right now. I like the feeling, like a jump start. C.T. Oahu HI

Initial visit - 30 minutes - $100; subsequent visits 20 minutes $50;
Monthly plan (not including initial visit) - 4 visits within a month - $165

Gemini Awakening big Island Hawaii

Quantum Alignment Bodywork Session for Couples

Experience new ground in your intimate relationship as you explore the synergy of your astrological charts. Then, integrate this awareness side-by-side through a quantum alignment couple bodywork session.

Investing in a session with Joseph will give you a better rate of return on your money than buying stocks. It's an investment that keeps on giving. M.D. Michigan

If you are interested in moving yourself to a higher level, I highly recommend Joseph's healing services.
B.F. Tiberon CA

Includes digital recording of astrological segment. 90 minutes - $379

Gemini Awakening big Island Hawaii

Hawaii Healing Vacations, Big Island Retreat Groups
& support for Hawaii Spiritual Retreats

Since 2000, I have assisted many group facilitators with their retreats here in Hawaii. My transformational Bodywork, and astrology consultation services facilitate and deepen participants experiences; accelerating, enhancing, and integrating new energies on all levels of awareness.

Invite me to assist you on your next Hawaii Healing Retreat

I am so grateful for your healings, liberation and insights...SW, Chicago

Big Island Hawaii Healing Retreat

The healing energies Joseph brings into his body work and the professionalism, insights, gentleness of spirit and compassion he expresses in the many skills he has to offer is exemplary. Private Sessions, body work, astrological charts, and guided tours have all been a pleasure to experience – and are awesome.

Retreat Facilitator, lecturer and teacher
Vancouver, B.C.

Gemini Awakening big Island Hawaii

Payments may be made by credit card at my secured payment page.
Reduced rates for children 16 and under

We accept Visa and MasterCardWe accept Visa and MasterCard

In healing service on Big Island Hawaii since 2000,

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Gemini Awakening
Joseph Mina
Big Island, Hawaii & South Africa