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Gemini Awakening Astrology Consultations
Astrology Consultations with Big Island Hawaii & South Africa Astrologer Starman, Joseph Mina

Create clarity for your life direction and reveal relationships through the power of your personal birth chart. Gemini Awakening Astrology consultations serve as a compass for clear direction on the journey of life. I am a skilled, intuitive professional astrologer offering life-changing consultation sessions.

Astrology sessions are available by Skype.
Schedule NOW a session on-line here.

  • Celebrate a birthday
  • Explore a current or new relationship
  • Gift a friend
  • Focus on career and create a strategy for life changes
  • Plan for the year ahead

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Astrology Session Gift Certificates
perfect for graduations, holidays, birthdays and transitional times
available here

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Life Path Astrology Consultation Sessions
with Joseph Mina

Gemini Awakening Soulpath AstrologyDiscover the season of your soul with the powerful synergy of archetypal astrology and the Voyager Intuition cards. My intuitive perception and passion for healthy living supports you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of your life path
  • Co-create a 6 month holistic strategy for passionate living
  • Redefine and clarify your life purpose and direction
  • Change your perspective; change your life

Initial Skype consultation - 75 minutes: $199
Follow-up Skype session $149 for one hour, or $89 for half hour

Please note, my rates include time preparation before and after your session. In additon to our session together, I spend time preparing your chart and completing your sound file recording.

"The Life Path astrology reading gave me a greater understanding of how I'm doing my life. This is such a great tool for bringing deeper knowledge to our beingness and the choices we make in life's journey. Awareness is key to the quality of our lifes' choices."  CG Waimea, HI

Quantum Dynamic Astrology: Better understand the origins of Astrology and how it can be a meaningful tool for you when making choices and setting directions in your life.

More Astrology Consultations options, FAQs & Policies below

Whole Self Mandala Consultation Session - a guide to assist you on your life journey

Awaken your perspective to a new direction. Discover what exactly supports you in the 4 Foundation Pillars of life: Resources, Career, Home and Relationship. Powerful session during times of transition and change and the beginning of a new Solar Year. One hour - $199

Life Path Journey: 4 sessions over the course of 12 months...ideal to effect and support substanative changes in your life (requirement: initial Life Path Astrology session).

Includes four hours of recorded astrology consultation over the course of twelve months. An excellent way to work with important life cycles and transitions. Develop quallity of life strategies for pro-active, healthy choices. Each session builds on the previous session(s). For this consultation package I encourage you to purchase a Voyager deck in advance so you can select your own cards during the session. Working with the card imagery adds depth to the sessions.

“The Life Path Journey series with Joseph was extremely helpful in clearing away the obscuring fog and allowing me to see the path that was revealing itself before me. His insights were timely, accurate and thought-provoking.”
HH, Seattle

What in the World is Going On? A quick look, the Life Season Sample Session (for 1st time clients only).

Need a springboard to encourage and strengthen your next steps?  This 20 minute recorded Skype session identifies your current ‘life cycles’ with the current planetary patterns. I use my creative insights and intuitive awareness to help you explore new options to navigate current life shifts and changes. ONLY $64

Speciality Sessions Here - check out my Couples session, and Family or Employer/Employees sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Voyager TarotHow do I schedule my session?

Schedule your appointment and pay via CC directly on-line with your preferred session time, and desired service.

I confirm your appointment time by E-mail and encourage you to create an intention prior to the session. At the appointed time I call you, if you live in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Recorded audio Skype session available for international locations.

What if I don't know my birth time?

I offer valuable astrology information in consultations with or without your birth time. Your birth TIME however, offers more specific information adding more depth to your session. In the event you do not know your birth time, and you were born in a Hospital, please contact the Hospital or Medical Center's "Archive Department". Birth time information is usually included by the Hospital in your birth file. The information is usually provided within 2 to 4 weeks. Please inform me if you are unable to determine the birth time, or you believe the time is approximate.

Voyager Tarot is a great context builder for discerning "what's up", as well as creating conscious strategy options. Selecting a Voyager card is akin to reaching into your soul for a mirror you are ready to experience. The perfect card is revealed at the perfect moment. During a Skype consultation I intuitively select cards on your behalf. Or if you wish, purchase a Voyager deck in advance of a session so you can select your own cards.

How can I pay for my Skype Life Path Astrology Consultation?

payment options and other major credit cards via Square Up or PayPal. See below for details.

I request payment by credit card via Square Up (you do not have to be a member of this secured payment service).CC payment via SquareUp may be made when using the on-line scheduling page.

If you prefer to pay via PayPal, simply select "pay later" when scheduling your appointment. Then,email me via the Contact link for specific payment instructions.

Gift Certificates available.

Astrologer Joseph MinaCancellation Policy
Due to the time commitment to prepare for your session, I require a 24 hour cancellation notice, except for emergencies. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment and give less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full amount for your session, paying the amount due before scheduling another appointment.

I am flexible to reschedule your session with appropriate notice.

What material do I receive with the session?
Prior to the session I send you a PDF file via E-mail of your natal chart and our astrological interpretation chart for your reference. Your session is then digitally recorded. After the session, you receive an email with a link to the sound file for quick and easy download to your computer. If you do not own a computer, a link will be provided to listen on-line. That link is active for 3 months. Downloaded mp3 recording may be listened to on your computer, phone, tablet, or you can burn a CD from your computer. Go Green Environmental Choice.

Gemini Awakening Kona AstrologersAfter the session
I suggest waiting a minimum of 3 - 4 days before listening to the recording of your session. This allows adequate time to integrate the session on a cellular level. When you listen to the recording we suggest writing out the session highlights. This process unifies the head with your heart's intention and desires. Finally, it is helpful to return to the recording 3 or 4 weeks later to refresh your recollection of the process.

How often should I receive an astrology consultation?
Three to six months is usually adequate time to update your chart and have a look at "what's up". You may prefer an annual update for New Years or the month of your Birthday. When questions come up about changes and transitions such as important career, relationship or business decisions, we offer mini astrology readings with your current transits.

Free Astrology Readings! My thanks for your referrals
When you refer three new people within 3 months of your session, you receive a complementary one-hour astrological consultation. Thank you supporting the life I love!

Notes from Kona Astrologer Starman, Joseph Mina
The various aspects of your chart are interpreted based on archetypes and symbols. I have a gift of asking insightful, pertinent questions, initiating "out of the box" strategies. I consider your natal birth chart your personal treasure map, a powerful indicator for your Soul's Path of your healing journey. Your chart is further defined by present astrological cycles and the Voyager Tarot cards selected. A magical synergy occurs revealing powerful insights and pathways for new awareness.

Gemini Awakening Astrology

Speciality Life Path Astrology Services

Hawaii skies

Family or Employee Dynamics - (60 to 75 minutes for 1 or 2 charts; another 15 minutes for each additional chart).
An in-depth exploration and understanding of your family members, or employees of your company or team.
- for parents: learn the best ways to suppport and guide your child by understanding each person's preferences and innate gifts. Foster greater compassion and communication in your family.
-for Employers or Managers: better understand the natural tendencies and strengths of your employees. This is a powerful way to create better employee relations, or ideal for hiring considerations.

(One or two charts starting at $199, add $40 for each additional person.)

Astrology relationship readings & Couples consultations
Wondering how to deepen your connection to your significant other? Couples readings help you explore the various interactive aspects of your relationship. This session offers you invaluable insight for new relationships, refreshing your current relationship, or creating closure with another. Includes 2 1/2 hours of session time: two individual sessions (45 minutes each) to deepen understanding of self, plus a 45 minute "couple" session to focus on your interconnection. $349

Whole Self Mandala Session: using the Voyager Tarot, this 75 minute session takes you on a journey to explore the archetypal realms of resources, career, home and relationship in your life. Includes intuitive guidance and specific strategies for transforming, integrating and refining how you express your natural talents and abilities in your life. $199

Gift Certificates
Astrology readings are a wonderful gift to someone you love. Birthday, baby blessings, graduations, career change, new relationship and special events / transitions are examples of beneficial times for an astrological consultation. An Email notice is sent to the recipient announcing your gift. Your gift counts toward the referral credit noted above. Order a gift certificate TODAY.

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