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Hawaii author Kristen Zambucka speaks about the essence of Hawaii-nei in her piece "Fabulous Food of the Spirit, Wai Ola"

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A rare treasure is locked within Hawai'i....

Big Island Hawaii

On hidden levels it be tapped only by those who can truly see...with the inner eyes of the soul.

It flows as the legendary "Water of Life" that spirals and channels in varying rhythms through all things.

For there is nothing that isn't alive....

Big Island Hawaii surfMountains and plants and rainbows and sun and soil and sea... all vibrate with its mystical force. It flies as the pueo (owl) and slices through dark waters as mano (shark) and splits the heavens as thunder and lightning. And even silent rocks may be charged with its healing presence by holy hands and carry it for eons....

Water in all its changing moods is the ancient symbol for this power called Mana. It roars in Wailele; the waterfall, and dances in Ua; the rain, and floats in Uhiwai; the mist, and plays in Kahawai; the gentle stream, and speaks in Moana; the brooding ocean that mirrors the passage of man's existence on Earth.

For a wave at its climax beats against the shore foaming and sinking its substance into the yielding sands in a glorious re-enactment of procreation. And tides will always govern your life as they ebb and flow.

Big Island Hawaii palm treesAnd when clouds of trouble hide the Sun...let the friendly ocean cleanse. For burdens may be symbolically dropped into its churning depths and discarded forever. And crested young waves will always rise up and swallow the old...and the relentless sea dissolves all in preparation for rebirth in a new form...when the Mana will pour into different molds.

And when you are becalmed on flat waters...the fresh breath of sea breezes may be conjured out of nowhere to push you forward like the fuel of God...if you learn to pray.

For tides bring in bounty...then ruthlessly sweep it out again...only to wash back in with new challenges; new gifts and new gems found on a beach.

See the eternal pattern....

Sunset Big Island Hawaii sunsetWatch from your Island of Time. And know that having attained the high state of life in a human consciousness you are given the greatest privilege of gather the power called Mana and offer it in prayer...back to its source; the higher power called God.

For the mysterious Mana holds the key to answered prayers. Drink it in with each breath...for it hums all around you...pulsing under the green mantle of nature and watching in the eyes of flowers.

Then look to the world of people for other fountains...Give love and compassion and hospitality and trust to all that you meet...

FBig Island Hawaii Waterfallsor Mana will be returned to you on the River of Life. Breathe your words into God like the song of the wind. Visualize your desires and offer the picture along with your gift of Mana. And see it rising like gilded vapor. And soon the rain of blessings will fall in response. For in that magic moment...the Mana flows two the source and back again.

Pray constantly to keep your levels of Mana high. Flow with life's currents. Dare to ride on bold waves of change...out to uncharted waters. For there will always be singers on the shore to welcome you back to the safe arms of Earth.

Take your share of the Wai Ola; fabulous food of the spirit. For it is the gift of the Creator to his child.

You are not forgotten....

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