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Gemini Awakening Articles
by Joseph Mina

Big Island Astrologer, Teacher & Healers Joseph Mina
shares Hawaii Healing experiences, the Starman Astrology Update & Quantum Dynamic Astrology

Follow Joseph's semi-monthly astrology updates here:
Starman Astrology Update

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Evolutionary Astrology Monthly Update

Starman Astrology Update The latest in astrological news. Discover new ways to consciously create your world with the power of the planetary patterns for the "Inner & Outer Journey".
Evolutionary Astrology Monthly Update

Gemini Awakening Media Here's my latest media offerings including Spinner Dolphins, Lava Flow, and Scenes of Hawaii
Gemini Awakening Astrology Big Island Hawaii

Starman Joseph Mina writes about Quantum Dynamic Astrology and its role in the Universal scheme of life.
Gemini Awakening Articles on Health and Astrology
Planetary Aspects 101 - a description of the significant aspects in a Natal Chart.
The Essence of Big Island Hawaii

Kristen Zanbucka
shares the essence of Hawaii-nei in her article titled Wai Ola - Fabulous Food of the Spirit

Empowering Lives through the Mystery of the Sky

Gemini Awakening
Joseph Mina
Big Island, Hawaii and South Africa